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The comprehensive guide to dealing with car accidents


Almost all of us will be involved in a car accident at some point in our lives. With this in mind, it is important that you deal with the unfortunate occurrence in the appropriate manner. What do you say? What do you do? What information do you need to collect? Lance Mason takes a look at the step by step guide to handling a car accident:

1) Remain calm

Being involved in a car accident is highly stressful and it is in our nature to panic. Take a few deep breaths, calm yourself and know that these things happen every day.

 2) Stop

Never ever just drive away, even if the accident was a minor one. Not only is this illegal but it is important to make sure that everyone involved is okay. You will need to exchange insurance details which can be a bit difficult if you’re speeding off round the corner.

3) Report the accident

Once again, even if it’s just a minor bump, it’s always best to notify the police. They will record all details of the accident and take a statement from all parties involved.

4) Think about safety

If there is only minor damage to your vehicle and if traffic is being obstructed, it is normally in your best interests to move to a safe area nearby. If possible, suggest that the other party does the same. If you can’t move your vehicle, make sure your hazard lights are on so that other drivers know to move with caution and make sure you yourself are in the safest place possible.

5) Take notes

Even if you’ve called the police, it is important to collect details of the accident for your own records. Make a note of the other vehicles registration number and insurance details and if you have a camera, take pictures of any damage. This information could be very useful if you decide to go on and make a claim.

6) Check for injuries

If you think you might be injured, make this known to those around you and ask them to call an ambulance. It is crucial that you put your medical needs first, particularly if your injuries are severe. If possible, check if the other party needs medical attention as well. It is important to note however, that many people involved in car accident do not experience pain immediately after the accident. It can sometimes take a day or two to realise that those aches and pains are actually a result of the crash.

7) Don’t admit anything

Even if the accident was your fault, do not immediately accept the blame without speaking to a solicitor. You can confirm the details of how the incident occurred but don’t immediately raise your hands and say “Yes, it was my fault.”

8) Call a solicitor

If you’ve been involved in an accident and think you may have suffered an injury, it’s important you call a solicitor as soon as possible. They will be able to explain the entire claims process and be able to tell you in minutes whether or not you have a good case. Your solicitor will protect your interests and secure maximum compensation where possible.


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By: Samantha Tomlinson