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Why should I make a Personal Injury Claim?


‘Why should I make a personal injury claim?’ is a question which I am not often asked in my role as a Personal Injury solicitor. The reason being, that the majority of clients who contact me have already made the decision that they wish to bring a claim, and wish to take the next steps to instruct me to help them pursue their case. No doubt each of my clients will have their own reasons for deciding to make a claim in the first place. Some of the common reasons I detail here:

1. Protecting others

Many of my clients want to ensure that others do not suffer the same fate as they have as a result of a hazard, defect or unsafe working practice in a public place or indeed in their workplace. This is often in the hope that by bringing a claim, this will force a change in working practice or will encourage the defect or hazard to be fixed. Indeed, making a personal injury claim can often result in such changes or repairs being made by a defendant.

2. Recouping lost earnings, medical expenses and financial compensation

Other common reasons include seeking to recoup lost earnings and other out of pocket losses incurred as a result of an accident, and perhaps the most common, wanting to recover financial compensation for the injuries and losses sustained as a result of the negligence or breach of a statutory duty of a defendant.

3. Lack of care

I am also frequently told by clients that they wish to pursue a claim due to the perceived lack of interest on the part of a defendant in their welfare following an accident. A lot of my client’s say, “if they had only apologised at the time, I wouldn’t feel so aggrieved and wouldn’t have made a claim.” Many of the major supermarkets for example are often cited as showing a complete disregard for the claimant’s wellbeing following an accident, and in many cases this is the reason why clients advise me that they have chosen to pursue an injury claim. Often the reasons for bringing a claim differ from claimant to claimant and are specific to their individual circumstances.

It is important to remember that if you are injured as a result of the negligence or breach of statutory duty of a defendant, you may well be entitled to bring a personal injury claim. In the majority of cases, the defendant is likely to have either Employers Liability and/or Public Liability insurance which will cover them and their insurers will therefore cover them for any compensation which, you, the claimant, may ultimately be awarded. Should you therefore believe that you may be entitled to bring a personal injury claim arising from an accident which has occurred in the course of the previous 3 years, I would be happy to discuss the claim with you and provide advice upon the next steps required to pursue the claim.


By: Lesley Layton