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Waseem Zaman – Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Waseem qualified as a chartered accountant in 2010 with one of the UK’s top 10 accountancy and professional services firms. He has worked with clients ranging from self-start up entrepreneurs to Global corporations all varying in size, structure and magnitude. Having worked with over 100s of different companies all with varying management teams, structures and business models, Waseem has developed a deep rooted understanding of business, finance, management and leadership. He specialises in financial management, strategic planning, forecasting, budgetary control, quality assurance, target and KPI management, process improvement modelling as well as sales and business development. With Waseem, there isn’t much ‘outside of work’ as work is his passion. He doesn’t differentiate the two; he enjoys his role so much that work is pleasure and he is proud of the achievements of the firm he helped set-up. His only other passions are the 5 favourite ladies in his life; his daughter, wife, mother and two sisters, all of whom he sees as a blessing he is eternally grateful for.

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