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Enforcing a county court judgement

If you are owed money that has not been paid in accordance with the terms of an agreement, you can obtain a county court judgement that orders a business or individual to pay the amount outstanding. More often than not, once a debtor is aware of the court order, the debt is paid off quite quickly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If you obtain a county court judgement that is ignored by your debtor, you can employ the assistance of legal specialists to enforce the judgement.

There are several ways of enforcing a county court judgement, such as:

  • You can obtain an Attachment of Earnings Order which arranges for an agreed sum to be deducted from the debtors salary once a month
  • You can obtain a Third Party Debt Order which freezes the defendant’s finances
  • You can obtain a Warrant of Execution in which the money will be collected from the debtor by a court bailiff
  • You can apply to make the debtor bankrupt in which their non-essential assets and excess income can be used to pay off debts
  • If the debtor owns property, you can obtain a Charging Order in which the debts are paid off upon the sale of the debtors property

It is important to note that the way in which a county court judgement order is enforced is dependent on your specific situation. This is why legal advice is so important; our experts can advise which method of enforcement is most suitable to you and guide you through the process. It is also important that seek to recover your debts before time runs out; you have six years to enforce a county court judgement before it is barred. After if has been barred the debts themselves become void.

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