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Issuing claims

While most people make an effort to keep up with debt repayments, some debtors can fall short and it can often feel like you will never recover the monies you are owed. Lance Mason can help you recover monies in an efficient and practical manner.

How do I issue a claim at court?

The first legal step in recovering debts is issuing a letter before action (LBA). If the debtor fails to respond to this letter Lance Mason can then issue a claim at court. The process is as follows:

  • We will write up your claim form. It will include details such as the amount of debt due, interest incurred and any legal costs involved
  • The debtor will then have 14 days to acknowledge, admit to, defend or repay the debt
  • During these 14 days, the debtor also has the option of making a counter claim
  • If the 14 days pass without a response from the debtor, we can request county court judgement to be ruled

Why do I need a solictor?

  • Issuing a claim for debts can be quite complicated. You need to make sure that your claim will stand up in court against opposition and often the expertise of a solicitor is a necessity
  • We can advise you on the best course of action specific to the situation you are in. There are many different ways of recovering debts and many of these are specific to the amount of money owed and the financial position of the debtor.

Why should I choose Lance Mason?

We value excellent customer service and will make sure that you feel like you have the right people on your side. We are a well respected, reputable firm and our track record of success is the product of hard work and a strong team.

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