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Warrants and Writs

Warrants and writs are methods to recover funds owed by a debtor. These methods of enforcing a county court judgement are highly effective and our experts will explain how they work to you if this is the best option for your specific situation. 

What is a Warrant of Execution?

When a request is made for a county court bailiff to call at a debtor’s place of residence and remove any goods that can be sold to pay off debts, this is known as a Warrant of Execution. The goods seized will be sold at a public auction and debts will be cleared in this manner. However, this method of enforcement is only applicable to those that:

  • Are owed money and the debtor has failed to make repayments and/or is behind with repayments
  • Are owed up to £5000; any more than this and the creditor may need to consider other methods of enforcing a county court judgement

What is a Writ of execution?

Unlike a warrant of execution, a writ of execution is issued by the high court rather than the county court. They are usually employed when debts are more than £5000. An enforcement officer, instead of a county court bailiff, seizes goods from the debtor’s home in order to fund the re-payment of debts.

How can Lance Mason help?

  • We can assist you in the application process for warrants and writs
  • We can advise you of your rights and explain the most suitable method of enforcement depending on the amount of money you are owed
  • We can represent you in court should the debtor choose to appeal the warrant of writ
  • We can manage the all legal aspects of the situation from start to finish and make sure all conduct on your behalf is in accordance with the limits of the law

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