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Aviation claims

"When it comes to claiming compensation from an airline, it can be difficult to secure the money we are entitled to. Lance Mason can provide exceptional legal advice and make sure your rights are protected as a passenger."

According to EU Regulation 261/2004, airline passengers are entitled to compensation for issues with air travel.  Making a claim doesn’t have to be complicated and time consuming; our experts will deal with the airline so you don’t have to. You may be able to claim compensation if you have experienced any of the following inconveniences:

  • Flight cancellations
  • Flight delays
  • Overbookings
  • Lost luggage

Why do I need legal assistance?

You can deal with airlines directly but many find that doing so is an uphill struggle. Legal assistance can be extremely valuable for the following reasons: 

  • Our experience in the industry means that we can deal with your situation in an efficient manner and get in touch with the correct people straight away
  • We will take care of all the paperwork and draft all correspondence to the airline(s) involved
  • We can relieve you of a considerable amount of stress and deal with matters that may be frustrating to you on your behalf
  • We can offer excellent court representation should your case progress to that level
  • We will provide support and guidance throughout the process and commit our time and energy in order to deliver the best possible results

Lance Mason can advise you on all matters relating to aviation compensation and the service is free of charge in the early stages.

How much compensation will I receive?

This can vary depending on the nature of the situation. At Lance Mason, we will review your case entirely free of charge and be able to tell you if you have a claim with just one phone call. There is no obligation, so even if you are just looking for general advice, our team can answer your questions.

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