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Commercial Property

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Buying and selling commercial property

All transactions involving the buying and selling of commercial property require careful management. Our experts have an in depth understanding of the regulations involved and the legal workings surrounding commercial buying and selling. We can act on your behalf and liaise with accountants, agents and surveyors to ensure that every party is kept up to date.

Lance Mason can manage the following transactions:

  • Developing and acquiring sites for commercial purposes
  • Purchasing land for residential purposes
  • Purchasing sites for industrial or retail purposes
  • Planning site developments
  • Disposing of sites for investment and operational purposes 

I want to buy a commercial property; how can Lance Mason help?

  • We will negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf
  • We will protect your best interests
  • We will make sure there are no existing legal issues with the property

I want to sell a commercial property; how can Lance Mason help?

  • We will draft the sale contracts
  • We will answer any queries raised by any party
  • We will negotiate on your behalf and secure the best deal possible

Why should I choose Lance Mason?

Lance Mason can offer more than just a legal service. We take the time to develop professional relationships with you and this, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the commercial property sector, makes our service one of the best available. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that you achieve your objectives within the time-scale and budget initially set out.

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