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Employment Law

General employment contacts

Employment contracts clearly define the terms of employment for an employee. They are a means of legal protection for both the employee and the employer. If you would like to know more about the legislation regarding employment contracts, call Lance Mason today for expert advice.

An overview

If you have ever worked for a company in a permanent role, you will have signed an employment contract. Employment contracts are complex documents and it is important that employers seek professional legal assistance when drafting them.

Generally, employment contracts outline:

  • Salary and incentives
  • Working hours
  • Job specification and what is expected from the employee
  • Practice that is deemed inappropriate by the employer
  • Holiday entitlement

Every now and then, disputes can arise over the terms in employment contracts. It is important that you understand the regulations surrounding employment contracts and what to do in the event of a dispute.

What can Lance Mason do for me?

As an employer, you need to ensure that you are fully compliant with employment law and that you have the necessary procedures in place to protect your business. Understanding and implementing these procedures can be difficult without the help of an experienced solicitor.

Lance Mason can:

  • Make sure you fully understand employee rights and your rights as an employer
  • Help you implement compliant employment procedures
  • Draft contracts that are fully compliant with employment legislation
  • Give you expert advice if there is a dispute over the terms of an employment contract

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