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Trademark infringement

A trademark is an important identifier of your business and helps create the foundation for your professional  distinctiveness. Protecting your trademark can be difficult, especially in competitive industries. Speak to Lance Mason’s experts today for free legal advice.

What is a trademark infringement?

Many businesses use signs or symbols as a means of marketing their company and distinguishing it from its competitors. It is becoming more and more common for disingenuous companies to copy these signs and try to pass them off as their own. This is known in law as trademark infringment.

What is classed as trademark infringement, however, can be quite confusing. The law asserts that even if the trademark of one company is nearly identical to that of another, this is not thought to be an infringement unless the two companies offer similar services.

Why is protecting your trademark important?

If you fail to protect your trademark, there could be adverse consequences, such as:

  • It could be damaging to the reputation of your company as you could be confused with unscrupulous businesses that provide a much lower standard of service
  • If your reputation has been damaged, you may lose some of your consumers which may reduce your profits
  • A competitor that has had nothing to do with the effort put in to creating the trademark, could reap the benefits of improved business
  • You could lose the trademark itself if you fail to prosecute in the initial stages

How can Lance Mason help?

Our legal specialists can offer the following services:

  • We can advise you of your rights so that you fully comprehend the particulars of this area of law
  • We can help you protect your brand by advising on measures you can take to prevent trademark infringment
  • We can provide exceptional legal representation should a trademark infringement occur

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