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Motorists may be permitted to park on double yellow lines

The conservative party wants to issue new guidelines for parking on double yellow lines. Motorists may be given a 5-15 minute “grace period” to leave their cars in bays for longer or pick up items from retailers.

The plans are in conjunction with The Tories aim to boost high street revenues by making parking for short stays more straightforward. However, in order to support this change, higher fines may be introduced for motorists who park dangerously.

According to Communities’ Secretary Eric Pickles, high streets are struggling as a result of “over-aggressive” parking enforcement. He said, “If people are worried about paying a fortune in fines, it will make them more likely to shop online or go to out-of-town shopping centres. For too long, parking has been a revenue raiser. It is time to end that.”

Motorists could face up to £130 for dangerous parking, under new conservative plans.

AA president Edmund King has asserted that: “Rather than just allow drivers to park on double yellow lines, a thorough review of the lines would be more effective. Many double lines are there for historical reasons and could be lifted.”

He added: “Lifting restrictions on yellow lines should not be an excuse for hiking up parking penalties outside London.”

These plans could potentially be the “biggest shake up to parking fines in Britain for more than a decade” and could be implemented within the next few months.

The Liberal Democrats, however, have so far vocalised their opposition to the plans. Norman smith, BBC News’ Chief Political Correspondent said that some Liberal Democrats believe the idea is “unworkable” and that no agreement with the Tories had been reached.



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