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Compensation Calculator

Roll your mouse over the relevant body part to get a brief summary of what your injury may be worth. Click on each body part for further detail below. 

Head Injuries Shoulder Injuries Chest Injuries Hand Inuries Internal Organ Injuries Foot Injuries Neck Injuries Back/Spine Injuries Arm Injuries Hip Injuries Leg Injuries

Head Injuries

£1,450 - £265,000

Shoulder Injuries

£3,400 - £31,500

Chest/Lung Injuries

£1,450 - £98,500

Hand Injuries

£1,450 - £132,000

Internal Organs

£500 - £115,000

Foot Injuries

£9,000 - £132,000

Neck Injuries

£875 - £265,000


£16,400 - £265,000

Arm Injuries

£4,350 - £197,000

Hip Injuries

£8,250 - £86,000

Leg Injuries

£9,200 - £185,000

Back/Spine Injuries

Severity Effect Compensation Bracket
Very severe Quadriplegia £212,500 – £265,000
Very severe Paraplegia £144,000 – £186,500
Severe Significant injury short of paralysis including injuries such as impotence or double incontinence £66,000 – £111,000
Severe Bladder/bowel dysfunction, significant sexual difficulties, possible severe scarring, future surgery may be required Approximately £53,000
Severe Fractures of discs or vertebrae, persistent and recurring pain, mobility and agility effected, possible sexual difficulties, potential psychological effects £25,500 – £45,750
Moderate Crush fracture/s, risk of arthritis in the spine, persistent pain and discomfort, possible effect on sexual functions £18,250 – £25,500
Moderate Disturbance of ligaments and/or muscles causing significant backache, individual may require surgery £16,400 – £21,600

The level of compensation awarded within each bracket will depend on:

  • The effect on life expectancy
  • The extent of any persistent or recurring pain
  • The level of treatment required
  • The severity of the original injury
  • The time taken to recover from the injury
  • The extent of any psychological effects on the individual