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Financial Mis-selling

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Payment Protection Insurance

"Lance Mason has a specialised department for dealing with mis-sold PPI policies. The team are well versed in all matters related to financial mis-selling and can help you recover the compensation you deserve."

The scandal

It has become clear over the last few years that thousands of people have been the victim of mis-sold PPI policies. This mainly came about due to unscrupulous practices by lenders in the marketing and selling of PPI.

Often the policies were not explained properly or the actual cost of the policy was not clearly stated. This practice led to thousands of policies being sold and huge profits for the banks and lenders.  

Mr Jones’ story

Mr Jones took out a loan with ABC Bank Limited. This loan was packaged with PPI cover which was not mentioned or explained in any way by ABC Bank to Mr Jones.

Mr Jones was self employed and worked as a plumber. He had an accident whilst at work and was required to take 3 months off for recuperation. He spoke to his bank who informed him he may be covered by the PPI policy he took out when he agreed the terms of his loan.

Mr Jones was surprised as he was completely unaware that he had a PPI policy. Nonetheless, he spoke to his insurance company who advised him to make a claim. His claim was rejected as Mr Jones was self employed and therefore outside the terms of his policy.

  • Initially, Mr Jones was completely unaware that he had payment protection insurance even though he was paying for it. 
  • At no point during the process was Mr Jones informed of the terms of his policy.  
  • The policy he was sold was not fit for purpose as Mr Jones was self employed. 

Billions of pounds have been put aside to compensate victims of mis-sold PPI. Thousands of people have now successfully claimed compensation from these banks. You could too!

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