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Industrial Disease

Noise-induced hearing loss

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Industrial Deafness

“Lance Mason is highly experienced in dealing with industrial deafness claims; if you are suffered from loss of hearing as a result of not being provided with proper hearing protection equipment at work, we can pursue compensation on your behalf. Industrial deafness cases often prove to be quite complicated but you can rest assured knowing you have the experts fighting your corner.”

What is Industrial Deafness and who are the sufferers?

Industrial deafness or occupational deafness can be defined as the partial or complete loss of hearing as a result of working in a noisy environment. 

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 came into place to prevent employees from having to endure high levels of noise at work. The act encourages employers to provide hearing protection equipment in cases where the noise levels are above 80 dB.

Sufferers in the UK typically include those that have worked in areas such as:

  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Industrial manufacturing
  • Any other areas where workers employ the use of loud machinery

Symptoms may include ringing in the ears, a persistent struggle to hear normal conversation, sudden instances of complete hearing loss and more. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important that you visit your GP straight away.

How can we help?

At Lance Mason we value each and every one of our clients and tailor our service to suit you as an individual. We will keep you well informed without overloading you with information you don't need and take the time to develop a professional relationship.

With one simple phone call we can do the following:

  • Assess your chances of success
  • Estimate the amount of compensation you may be due
  • Give you a rough time scale in which we aim to have settled your case

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