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Medical Negligence
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Hospital errors

“Most people do not like visiting hospitals at the best of times and avoid these visits when they can. However, when your suffering is the direct result of medical negligence, you may lose complete faith in the health system and this can have an adverse impact on your life.”

What is medical negligence and how does it relate to hospital errors?

If you are suffering with a condition and get sent to a hospital, the people who care for you have the legal responsibility to ensure that you are diagnosed and treated correctly. Lance Mason investigates cases where it is believed that medical professionals did not act your best interests. If can be proven that the hospital errors were a result of negligence, you may be entitled compensation. 

Our experts will explain the process and make sure that the service you receive fully meets your needs as an individual. To find out more, contact Lance Mason today free of charge.

Can I make a claim?

The following outline typical hospital errors that often result in a patient choosing to make a compensation claim:


  • Your doctor may fail to examine you properly
  • You may not receive the correct tests. E.g. blood tests, x-rays etc.
  • There may be administrative errors in relation to your test results
  • Your doctor may not take your family’s medical history into account

Errors in treatment:

  • Insufficient care or neglect after a surgical procedure
  • Your surgeon may make mistakes during surgery
  • Your doctor may prescribe incorrect medication
  • Your doctor may fail to operate at a crucial time

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